How you can start making money online with affiliate marketing today

How you can start making money online with affiliate marketing today

Affiliate marketing for me is a tried and true way for making passive income and there is tons of sites out there that have referral programs, we will be covering those sites and much much more today. It can be hard work but when you get it down you can bring in a lot cash with affiliate marketing


gain,gg started around April of 2018 as a GPT (get paid to) site with a very small user base, as of recently it has grown to around 50,000 users. i first started using the site in October of 2018 and mainly did surveys and completed offers for a few extra bucks here there until i learned about there referral system. They offer 5 % of everything your referral earns so i started promoting this site on Youtube, Reddit, email marketing, Twitter, Facebook , ect. Shortly after this my earning started dying down and then they added leaders board for who ever earned the most that day got $5 and this actually encouraged many to start earning more and overall being more active on the site. The site currently has 2 incredibly active moderators Mason Reales and Alma Trass . Mason Reales is a navy veteran of 8 years from virginia beach .Alma Trass was a fast food worker from Ireland shortly before becoming a web designer. GainGG his most successful site has grew substantially since its launch and continues to grow just as the number of ways to earn also does

Gain gg main cash out method is PayPal , but they offer , OPskins , etherium , bitcoin , bitcoin cash , litecoin , CSGO Shop . there minimum withdraw is 1 cent paypal

if your interested sign up with the link below

sign up here


Earnably is another GPT site that has been around some time, it was first launched in 2015. Earnably is like many GPT sites, your main source of income from these is going to be offerwalls and surveys, not saying you cant earn elsewhere as a user but the rest of options don’t pay as well. I first started using this site in about 2016 i believe and have loved it ever since, even to this day I jump on there to complete a survey or 2 for a couple bucks. It won’t pay the bills but enough referrals it could bring in a decent income


Your referrals have many ways to earn such as surveys , watching ads , downloading apps and completing offers. They have many options to cash out through including amazon and PayPal

A little info on the referral system. Each person you refer you get %10 of what they earn, they 100 dollars you earn 10. FYI none of the money is took out of there balance to pay you for referring them.

feature points

Feature points is practically the holy grail when it comes to affiliate marketing. There primarily a survey router, but a damn good one at that. Also they do have offer walls and contest. The reason i say this is the holy grail is because of the referral program, you the referrer get %50 of what ever the referred earn which is great because most sites offer 10-5 percent . They have probably a dozen plus cash out options including but not limited to , Amazon , Bitcoin , PayPal. And keep in mind all these cash out options are available to both you and your referral.

sign up here

How do i get people to sign up using my link

Well start promoting. If you haven’t already i would recommend starting a Youtube channel, this is where a lot of your referrals are going to come from. Another tips is to use social media to promote it and use proper hashtags will help you a lot. Overall be informative, show them around the sites, what countries its available in, cash out options, ways to earn, minimum cash outs, ect. its gonna be slow at first but people will start noticing you and don’t spam the same ol’sites over and over again, change it up. Have variety

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