22 tips and ideas for new bloggers

22 tips and ideas for new bloggers

Your just starting out your blog and have no traffic barely any content and feel like its going nowhere. I know how you feel i was in your shoes at one point and now i bring in about 5k views a month not much i know, but its a huge increase from when i started averaging 60 views a month. Enough rambling lets get into this

1 Add share buttons to your post

If people have to manually copy and paste your link to share your post there a lot less likely to do so. If your using wordpress install a plug in called orbit fox, its pretty easy to set up and you shouldn’t require a guide to do so

2 Be active on social media

When you first start out 99% of your views are going to be from you promoting and not organic search results. So get out there and post away. When i first started i spammed twitter and still do and would also share them to a site called mix.com which brings in a good amount of traffic.

3 SEO; Search engine optimization

Organic views from search engines is how you are going to get most of your views as your site grows in size and the more content you get the more useful it will be, i’m not going to go into detail but i’m going to link to a post that helped me https://goinswriter.com/website-seo-tips/

4 Quality content is king

Your site quality or appearance is nothing compared to your contents quality. Be persistent, be passionate, and put in the research into your post. Your not gonna get a bunch of views and shares on a post covering a topic you know nothing about that took you 5 minutes to slap together

5 Be patient and give it time to grow your not gonna be famous over night

my blog took a long time to get where it is today and so do other big name blogs you see out there today. Hard work and commitment got them there, and if your passionate you can do the same

6 Keep it fresh

Don’t post the same ol’boring stuff over and over again change it up keep it fresh and keep your audience involved.

7 Get a schedule and stick to it

Lets say you have a schedule of uploading a infographic on wednesday and a product review on thursday this way your viewers have something to look foward to and you will leave them wanting more content. When you first start your blog i wouldn’t reccomend this though, i would just get up as much content as you can so you don’t have a empty site with out any content

8 Comment on competitors blogs

Don’t go “Hey my blog is better then his so check me out!”. Just comment saying nice blog, great colors and loads quickly on most browsers. We at passive income really enjoyed it and have some similar content that we invite you and your users to check out. Best regards. something like that, don’t go one upping them and show boating

9 Notify your social media followers of your new post

Any time you upload a new post, share it on all your social media accounts so your followers know and hey thye might share it and bring in more viewers

10 Email list

Email list can be hit and miss, but if you have a big enough of a mail list they can be incredibly helpful for new and old blogger alike

11 Check where most of your traffic is coming from

Tools like google analyctics does a great job of this and is one of the most reccomended and highest rated in its field

12 Focus your marketing on whatever brings in the most traffic

Tack on to the previous post. What ever brings in the most traffic focus on that. If i have 2000 views a day coming from reddit.com and 18 coming from twitter my feed on twitter isn’t going to be near as hot and heavy as reddit

13 Create a facebook page

Create a facebook page not a account, a page. Facebook is the biggest social media site on the web, as time goes by people are going to share your page and more and more people are gonna starting noticing and so on and so forth its practically a infinite supply of traffic as long as you update it regularly

14 Be sure to use Keywords in image captions, titles and articles

this is how your gonna get more organic views is keywords which we pretty much covered in SEO part of this article

15 Giveaways

Giveaways are greate ways to get your site out there once you get a few social media followers make a post saying your doing a $25 amazon gift card give away, all you have to do is visit (insert domain name) retweet and like, once this post reaches 100 retweets and likes we will choose a random user

16 Comment on your competitors post

Make a post on your competitors post and be sure to leave your link somewhere in the post and there followers are bound to see it

17 Message your competitors followers

See someone like your competitors post hit them up with a message telling them about your blog and tell them you think they would like it

18 Go in cahoots with your competitor

Hit them up and tell them ill share your content if you share mine, kinda like i scratch your back you scratch mine. We help each other out as bloggers

19 Link back to your own post in your articles

Writing a post and you get on the topic of something you have already written about? Link back to it, each viewer is likely to view more post this way and will likely stay longer

20 When sharing content on social media use proper hash tags

If you use proper hashtags the more likely someone will engage with your content. Compared to putting a bunch of random hashtags you will see a bigger audience engage with your post

21 Reply to comments on your blog

When you reply to comments on your blog you not only connect with the persons but they also connect with you and they are a lot more likely to comeback

22 If your thinking about monetizing with google adsense its never too early

Get that ball rolling, you won’t be bringing in anything but you will already have it set up and you don’t have any thing to lose by doing so

I hope i didn’t repeat myself too much. I put info in this article that i wish i had when i started blogging and tips that i still use to this day.

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