Coin collecting as a investment

Coin collecting as a investment

Coin collecting as a investment is a great idea if you know what coins to invest in. Just last year coin auctions brought in 10billion dollars, that is a lot ain’t it? We all have those 1990s proof sets or uncirculated sets and in reality they will never be worth that much, but lets move on into things like Morgan dollars can be a great investment. High grade low mint years can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars and they are going up each day

I consider my self a coin collector but i don’t do it as a investment, i do it as a hobby. Inflation keeps going up but these coins will never lose there value and you will have something, Morgan dollars are becoming more and more scarce each day as some are melted down, some are destroyed, some are lost.

A coin i want to talk about with you guys is the Carson city mint Morgan dollars, Carson City mint made fewer coins then any mint, making it production quite rare. They can be identified by there CC under the tail feathers on reverse of the coin. They have steadily been increasing in price for years now, if your interested in getting one i would by a graded one from the NGA hoard

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