How to make money just by sharing links/URL’s

How to make money just by sharing links/URL’s

Ad fly is a URL shortening service which makes who ever clicks on the URL watch a 5 second ad before proceeding. This can be very annoying to some but its a easy way to get revenue for your content without having pesky ads. It pays about $2.50-$20 thousand views which isn’t to shabby

Lets get into how you can start earning today. First your going to want to create a account over at, you sign up using your email or sign in through Google. Once your done with that part paste the URL you want to monetize into the “Shrink box!” hit shrink then copy the URL, now you can share it anywhere and anyone who clicks on it will earn you revenue. Easy peazy, right? No, not really, its incredibly difficult to make money unless you have a large user base or you have free files lock behind it the ad wall which gets regular downloads. Which is about the most common use for URL shortening services like Adfly

Its pretty simple getting started, huh? Either way were going to go into a little more detail and teach you where to share your links, how to promote them and talk about the cash out options. Interesting fact Facebook recently banned URL shortening services, but there is still plenty of sites you can use them on. For example






There is many more but those are the main your going to want to use, for now at least. Now lets get into some tips and tricks. Tip one, use hyper links, they look so much better. If you don’t know what a hyper link is i’ll leave a example below

Hyper link to my homepage

Normal URL to my homepage

On Most sites if you want to make a hyper link simply enter this with your info

[Text, what ever you want the link to say](insert link/URL here)

over all they look a whole lot better then a bunch of random numbers and letters and viewers are more inclined to click on them

Tip two, is don’t spam it every where. Social media sites will detect this as spam and deactivate your account, which in turn mean a lot of time wasted because all those links are no longer up for the public to see

Tip three, don’t attempt and deceive people into clicking on it. They will report it and more then likely tell other in the comments that its spam deterring any one from clicking on it

They have 2 cash out options, PayPal and Payoneer. They pay out on the first of each month and the minimum cash out is $5. That wraps it up pretty well, be sure to check out other articles for more amazing content like this

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