If someone gave you 500k how would you spend it?

just imagine if someone gave you 500k, what would you do first, go on a trip? Buy a house? A expensive car? Or would you invest it? Well i can tell you right now i would invest it and here is how i would invest it

were gonna want a low risk ETF/Stock to fall back on in case of a crash, for this article were going to choose the SP 500 ETF by vanguard its ticker is VOO. Its currently trading at $298.06 with a div yield of 1.33%. were going to invest $240,000 in this for a annual yield of $31,920

Next were gonna talk about REIT’s. For this section we are going to choose Apple hospitality REIT they offer a great dividends of 0.10$ per month per share, this stock we are going to invest $95,000 which is a annual yield of $7,125

Now this one is a common stock know as Bank of America CORP, ticker BAC. its currently trading at about $35 a share and 2.06% DIV yield, which equals a annual yield of $21,630

Vanguard total bond ETF is up next it currently trades at about $84 a share with a dividends yield of 2.60% equaling a annual yield of $15,600

Now with all these stocks togather we would be bringing in $76,275 annually from dividends not including capital gains and dividend growth, you might think this is very little so lets look at the average income which $59,039 so you would be doing pretty good plus its a passive income

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