Passive income ideas

There many passive income ideas you never even dreamed of like blogging, well… Blogging is not that passive it takes a lot of hard work but it does pay off and can be passive if you have payed writers and manager which we will talk about later in the blog

Stock market

Yes, that is right the stock market. I’m sure your aware of how risky the stock market can be but there is low risk options which we will talk about. The main way you will make your money in the stock market is dividends which I talk about here, these companies carry a lot of debt though so they can pay these high dividends. If your looking for low risk dividend stocks look no further check out my article on the best dividend stocks for building a passive income. The stock market is risky but we can lower that risk by purchasing low risk dividend stocks and mutual funds which don’t offer great returns but have incredibly low risk

Rent houses/Land lord/realestate

It can be difficult and require a lot of work sometimes but most of the time its pretty laid back and if you want hiring someone to manage your properties. It takes a big initial investment but it will pay it self off pretty quickly. another way would be to rent out offices this obviously takes a massive investment depending in the size and getting everything set up to be a office building but again just like rental property it will pay for it self in no time. One more way is REIT’s which you can buy through a broker, they trade just like a stock does and they generally pay monthly dividends. I even wrote a article on the Apple hospitality REIT

Affiliate marketing

If you have a large social media following this is perfect for you, theres tone of websites out there that offer referral programs one of those sites is Earnably, which is a rewards websites you get 10% of all your referrals earnings which is nice chunk of change if you can get enough of them


Starting up a blog can be a huge learning curve but once it gets going can be a huge money maker for you. If you start blogging dont worry about how your site looks just worry about the quality of your content and frequency of it. SEO is your best friend, also learn to promote your blog on places like Pintrest, twitter, facebook, mix. Pinterest is your best bet though and dont get discourage when you have very little traffic things will pick up

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