Top 5 weird ways people became millionaires

Top 5 weird ways people became millionaires

I’m sure we all had hair brained ideas on how to become a millionaire and thought to ourselves that’ll never work. Well what if they did? This top 5 we are going to cover “Top 5 weird ways people became millionaires”

1 Alex Tew

Alex built a web page called . A website where you could buy 1 pixel for 1 dollar, the webpage was exactly 1000×1000. Before the 1 year anniversary of the site Alex had sold every pixel and made a whopping 1 million dollars in the process. Alex used this money to launch the very popular meditation app Calm

2 Selling poultry out of a truck

In 2009, two brothers Mike and JC decided to start up a business selling poultry in a Spokane WA. Using parking lots, street corners just where ever, selling for $1.49 per pound. Half the national price-per-pound average, under one extreme condition: buyers had to purchase 40 pounds….Yes 40 pounds

Within a couple days, the brothers sold somewhere around 80,000lbs of poultry to put that into perspective a ford f150 weighs about 4600lbs. Later they went on to launch Zaycon Fresh. Full-scale business based on the model of selling poultry. Currently, Zaycon employs about 70-90 employees

3 Coin roll hunting

Not a specific person or entity but a hobby that many coin collectors and treasure hunters alike enjoy doing, and that is coin roll hunting. Coin roll hunting is the act of buying rolls of coins from your banks and search through them pulling out the silver and rare coins, then you turn in the rest for face value and buy more. As to what you do with the silver/rare coins is up to you

4 Start a blog

Matt Marshall started blogging in 2006. Launching a very informative blog called Venture Beat, sure you hvae heard of it. He covers the latest news about world-wide technology and also money, finance and investment ideas. This super informative blog has offered a ton of valuable information to its readers, including information for start ups or different techniques on how to earn money from investments. Matt Marshall earning $100,000 per month from this blog right now. And trust me we are earning no where near this much. This one isnt that wierd but most people would have never dreamed of making this much money on a blog

5 Selling pet rocks

Yes selling a rock, its dumb i know. its about as ridiculous as it gets, but someone figured out how they could sell them and make tons in a short time. Dahl a former advertising executive sold pet rocks for $3,95 on a bed of hey. A profit of roughly three dollars for each sell – he sold the Rocks hassle-free pets complete with the pet training manual and a cardboard box fashioned, after a pet carrier the rocks were an instant hit and became quite popular, turned into one the greatest fads of all time. He made fifteen million dollars in just the first six months.

That is our top 5 Weirdest ways people became millionaires, before you leave please share and comment and check out our other post

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