What will bitcoin do in 2020?

What will bitcoin do in 2020?

We’ll range from $10k-ish at the start of the year, to over $40k by the end (and over $100k a year after that). Purely on that stock-to-flow model those bankers found so compelling (because it is, relative to all the other noise).

But there’s lots of uncertainty caused by bcash, whose halvening is currently on target to happen around the start of April, 5 weeks before bitcoin. I think this has a good chance of kick starting a wild bull market in bitcoin as the bcash hashrate evaporates, and suckers holding that coin suddenly realise they’re in a scramble for the exit.

Bitcoin hit a high $17,900 and there is nothing stopping from hitting a new all time in 2020 as bitcoin becomes less and less profitable to mine, supply and demand

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