Why you shouldn’t buy fractional precious metals especially fractional silver

If you have ever looked into buying precious metals you have seen 1 gram bars like the such

These are 1 gram silver bars

They are horrible investments because of the huge premiums they bring, lets look at 1/20th oz gold coins right now while gold $1543 a oz there $103 multiply that by 20 and you have over 2 grand over spot per oz. another thing were going to talk about is what is spot

What is spot price and premiums?

Spot price is current market price of the metal, if market price is $20 oz and the 1oz silver coin there selling is $22 then your paying a 2 dollar premium

Whats the best size to buy then?

I prefer 1oz coins or bars but half OZ coins are good too but carry a little bit of a premiums compared to there 1 oz counter part. if you want to buy a lot of gold for as closed to spot as possible then 1kilo bars or coins are the way to go with a kilo equaling 32.15 oz they bring a hefty price though and can be hard to sale when the time comes. with silver to avoid premiums buy large bars or generic 1 oz rounds like the buffalo round and buy in bulk for better deals. Also be sure to avoid Ebay as the sellers are likely flipping there coins from other PM dealers like Apmex.com and JMBullion.com, i have no affiliation with either site

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