Honey gain, make money by selling your unused internet

What is Honeygain?

After installing on your phone or installing the browser add on, Honeygain works by using up to 10% of your network bandwith for as long as your device/s is connected to Wi-fi (the option also exists to use your mobile data, and you can have up to 6 devices connected to one IP address)

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This bandwith is then used by data scientists to enable other businesses to run market and business research.

Note: Your personal data is secure. Your phone is simply acting as a gateway for traffic.

The more data the app downloads, the more money you make! But how does that work exactly?…How do I earn money?

Honeygain works much like swagbucks in that it uses its own currency (“Honey” in this case) which converts to dollars.

20,000 honey converts to $20 and you must reach this threshold before you can withdraw your earnings to your Paypal account (at which point you convert to your chosen currency, which is ~£15.82 for GBP)

For every 1GB of date that your app downloads, you make $0.10.How much can I earn a day?

This is dependent on several factors…

  1. How many devices the app is installed on (a windows download is also available)
  2. How long your device is connected to Wi-Fi during the day (or your mobile data, if you have a generous enough plan to use it)
  3. How fast your internet speed is.
  4. Whether you’ve gained any referrals (10% of your referrals daily earnings gets added onto yours as a boost)

See Honeygain’s FAQ for a full breakdown of this, plus additional info.

My experience and earnings so far

  • How much have you made after one week?

On a fibre optic connection (38Mb/s download speed) with one device connected I’ve been consistently downloading around about 1GB a day (so $0.10), or $0.70 total.

  • Impact on phone battery life?

Minimal. Maybe an extra 5-8% per day on my Moto G5.

  • Internet speed affected?

Negligible. Haven’t noticed any drop in network speed due to having the app installed.

So is it worth it for YOU?

A big selling point of the app is the fact it requires no interaction after initial download, and so is completely passive income.

If you install the app on multiple devices and have decent internet speed, you’ll reach the payout threshold much faster than my current pace is looking. Though even at only $0.10 a day I feel its worth an install as you can download, forget about it, and then collect your £15 a few months down the line with very little time investment

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