Free/cheap games to play while in quarantine

Whether your gamer or not there something. Were gonna be covering multiple genres, so there is going to be a lot of variety and we hope you find something you like. Enjoy

Team Fortress 2 (FREE)

Team fortress 2 is a online multiplayer game with multiple classes you can play as and many game modes to play as. It was originally released in 2007 by valve following its predecessor TF1 released in 1999

Psychonaughts (19.99USD)

Psychonaughts is a old school 3d platformer great for someone dipping there toes in the water but are not sure if they want to swim yet. Its got easy controls and overall very forgiving levels

Borderlands 2 (19.99USD)

Borderlands 2 is a first person shooter developed by 2k and released in 2012, since its release it has blown up popularity and even caused for 2 more games to be made since. You are a vault hunter in the game. a vault hunter tracks down these alien vaults that store unimaginable treasure and power and require a key and siren to open, little do the vault hunters know something unimaginably powerful defends these vaults

Borderlands 2 was a game i put 1000s of hours into and is a game the most unexperienced gamers can get into

Witcher 3 (29.99USD)

Witcher 3 is a game you can get lost in and make hours feel like minutes due to how intriguing the story and characters are. And you don’t need to play the previous games to know what the hell is going on. This game is great if its your first rpg just be sure to save often

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