Its not too late to buy IBIO

The director of IBIO recently obtained 350k shares of IBIO late last year. In January Eastern Capital ltd, a private firm specializing exclusively in investing in biotech companies, obtained a whopping 37 million shares of IBIO. Both insider trades so I’ve linked the paperwork on the bottom.

So far 4/6 of Eastern’s biggest investments have been extremely successful.

They are having a shareholder’s meeting tomorrow which could also report positive news as well. They recently published a press release announcing a partnership with a chinese firm, CC-pharming, on the development of a covid-19 vaccine.

They have other drugs in the pipeline as well – an alternative to Rituximab, which is an anticancer/arthritis drug listed by WHO as one of the essential medicines needed by a country. The market for Rituximab is in the billions, and the partnership with cc-pharming opens them up to the massive Chinese market.

CC-pharming is located in Zhongguancun Biomedical Engineering Transformation Center. Further research indicates that this center was opened in 2016 with the backing of the Chinese government, containing state of the art facilities to promote the biomedical sector.

They have terrible revenue history so it’s a purely speculative buy, but it may be worth putting a few % of your portfolio into this stock in case it blows up big over the next couple of months. The upside is definitely there imo.

Still doing some more research on this company so I’ll post more if I find any updates.

Update: They recently withdrew a proposal for a reverse stock split. This suggests that the company is confident in their ability to raise revenue as well as maintain share price. A possible recent development inside the company? Definitely a good sign.

Update 2: Congress stuck a deal providing over 7 billion in funds to fight coronavirus. IBIO may be getting some of that funding (their facility was previously funded by DARPA specifically to fight pandemics like the current coronavirus). Still speculation at this point however

Update 3: They recently went on a MASSIVE hiring spree. They went from 8 employees in 2018 up to 55 employees in 2019. This coincides with their recent partnerships in 2019/2020 as well.

They averaged less than 10 employees for the past decade then shot up to 55 in a year. Definitely something huge going on inside that facility.
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