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We are going to cover the best affiliate programs. There are alot of them out there and some are flat out ripping there users off, i won’t say any names but try to stick to well known programs like the ones in this article. Lets jump into it


We have mentioned this site before, for its incredible service it offers and affiliate program. Gain pays its user to complete task, such as downloading apps, completing surveys, watch videos, ect. It wont make its users a millionaire but it will make you and your referrals a pretty penny, either way its referral program pays you 10% commision if you link a steam account or 5% if you have gmail account


GG2U is identical to gain almost except there payouts and referral system is different. I personally like there affiliate program better because if you refer some one and that some one refers someone else you get a portion of there earnings. Woo that was a lot of someones


Swagbucks is a rewards site that focuses on cash back, but they have similar elements as gain. Either way, lets get into it. There affiliate program pays you $5 if your referral earns 5 dollar in there first month and when they earn that they get a $5 bonus, then you earn 10% of there earnings for life


Amazon affiliate program is very simple. When they use your link you earn a percentage of the sale, This percentage is based on the product of course. Also amazon is very strict about how you share your link so be careful

That wraps it up these are about the best out there, we might update this later with more so be sure to check back periodically, thank you for reading and have a great day

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