New rewards site called FreeSkins focused towards gamers

FreeSkins was release by Ross Craig Brown aka Alma Trass and dave, on the 23rd of April (don’t quote me on that). This site is very similar to Alma’s other site GainGG, which is at a little over 100k members. Freeskins hasn’t blown yet like gain, but that is where people like you come in. By sharing the site or even this article you are helping promote the site and helping it grow, as it grows we will see the site evolve, just like we’ve seen with gain.

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Lets get into how you earn on the website. Head on over to the earn tab at the top of your screen if your on PC if your on mobile it will be in the drop down menu displayed by three little bars in the top right corner. Once you have found the earn section you will see many offer walls and if you scroll down you will see theorem research which unlocks after earning atleast 4 dollars, will touch on levels a little more later on. Theorem is currently the place your going to earn the most more then likely but some earn alot from the featured offers by adgem. Generally the task presented to you by the offerwalls are very basic like download this app and reach level 27

Now lets touch on levels, levels are kinda pointless. General rule of thumb is one level is 1000 coins. The higher your level the bigger your daily check in is, levels don’t have a cap but your daily check in does which is at 100 coins IE level 100

The exchange rate for the sites currency is 1000= 1 dollar. simple enough right? that is what i thought

As we said before Freeskins is more focused on gamers, so you will see majority of the cash out options reflect that. But they do have some that are suited for others who are not into that niche/hobby. Below are listed the cash out options available as of April 2020

CSGO Skins

Fortnite V bucks (code)

Steam gift cards

Roblox gift cards

Now a little something for those who are not gamers


Amazon gift card



To find these rewards click on the withdraw buttonin top right corner of your screen where it says withdraw and you can see each option and get more info about them. Also withdraws are instant once you are verified which happens sometime after level 10. And if you need support click the support button next to the chat tab under withdraw, generally someone is online all the time and they will help you to the best of there abilities. The current mods and admins are Frank, Jax, and Vaxxine. All of them are absolutely great people and will do what ever they can to help

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